Sunday, 8 March 2015

Malus sylvestris (European Crabapple) [Vis UV IR]

Photo of a Malus sylvestris (European Crabapple) flower in visible light (top), ultraviolet (middle), and infrared (bottom)

Malus sylvestris (European Crabapple) flower photographed in visible light (top), ultraviolet (middle), and infrared (bottom).

In visible light the flower is white with a slight pink tinge. Unopened blossoms have a stronger pink colour. At the centre of the flower are stamens with light yellow coloured anthers. The stigmas are smaller, though similar in colour to the anthers. The tree's leaves appear green and are quite dark in tone.

In ultraviolet the anthers and stigmas appear darker, though remain similar in tone in comparison to each other.

In infrared the plant's leaves appear much brighter. There is little difference in tone between the flower's petals, the sexual parts of the flower, and the leaves - they all appear quite bright.

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